How to Prepare Your Motorcycle for the Season - The Rider's Guide

The season has already opened, and you haven't prepared your horse yet. So this article will help you to do MOT (Maintenance) of your bike properly. It is extremely important to do it in the right way and not to miss any important element. Here's a list of the most important things to check before your first trip this season. Vardhman Tvs is the best TVS bike showroom in Painpat.

Motorcycle washing and cleaning.

Preparing your motorcycle for the season should always start with a thorough cleaning and cleaning. Of course, you can use a pressure washer for this purpose. However, this is not the recommended method. This can cause the ignition system to get wet. A better solution would be to wash the motorcycle by hand. In this case, it is important to choose the right washing liquid. It must be of good quality to effectively remove all dirt and sediment. After washing, wait until it is completely dry and then start the motorcycle to make sure everything is working properly.

• Checking the lubrication system.

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• Coolant Check (Coolant).

When preparing a motorcycle for the season, don't forget to check the coolant. The cooling system is extremely important. Therefore, we must not forget about the regular replacement of the coolant. It is recommended to do this at least once every two years. Thanks to this, the cooling system will be effectively protected from corrosion and contamination. When topping up coolant, remember to always fill in the same amount. Fluid replacement requires its complete replacement.

• Checking the air filter.

It is also very important to check the air filter. It is best to replace its paper cartridge with a new one. The situation is different with the sponge filter. You can simply clean and then oil.

• Checking the brake system.

If you want to check brake system condition, it is better to do it yourself by a professional motorcycle shop. There the condition of the brake discs and the thickness of the brake pads will be checked. In addition, so that nothing happens while driving, it is necessary to change the brake fluid.

• Tire condition.

To ride a motorcycle safely, the tires need to be in very good condition. This is another element that needs to be checked when preparing a motorcycle for the season. Be sure to choose the right tire. They have to be adapted to the surface on which we often walk on motorcycles. Some tires should be used for tarmac and others for sand. Tire pressure should be checked. Too low pressure not only increases fuel consumption but also reduces our safety and performance of the motorcycle.

• Electrical check.

For a motorcycle to travel safely on roads, it is essential to ensure that the electrics are working properly. Good visibility while driving depends on the electrics. If one of the electrical wires is damaged, the problem must be repaired. It is necessary to clean the battery clamp and measure its voltage. If necessary, we can charge the battery. Be sure to check the condition of all bulbs.

• Checking the suspension system.

A properly functioning suspension system requires regular oil changes in the shock absorbers. This should be done every 20,000 kilometers or every two years. There are many oils available in the market. Therefore, each driver can easily choose for himself the oil that meets his expectations. However, changing the oil is not everything. It is also worth adjusting the suspension system. However, you should know that the activity requires relevant knowledge and skills.

• The last step is to prepare ourselves.

If you think that car preparation is enough to travel safely on a two wheeler, then you are very wrong. The motorcyclist is the one who works with the machine, and along with preparing the body, taking care of our physical condition is also a very important aspect.

Riding a motorcycle makes both our muscles and our heart tired. When you drive fast, your heart beats very fast. It is also important to rest properly to maintain adequate concentration. However, you must remember that the machine is not everything. The motorcyclist himself should prepare for this season. Therefore, check the condition of the helmet, clothing and all safety components.